About 100 BCCG events annually with interesting topics, speakers and companies are held in our regions. They are ideal for your business networking purposes. Members and interested guests are welcome to any of our events in all regions, subject to availability of seats/tickets and invitations. Listed below are all events by year and monthly dates.

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12 Aug 2020 (Wed), 13:00 h to 14:15 h / UTC +1 MEZ - Berlin
SHeconomy Virtual Talk:
WOMEN WHO HAVE DONE IT: Im Gespräch mit Marina Vahtola

BCCG Berlin Head Office
27 Aug 2020 (Thur), 16:00 h
Webkonferenz: Schwachpunkte der deutschen Cybersicherheitspolitik – Anforderungen an ein wirksames und sinnvolles IT-Sicherheitsgesetz 2.0

BCCG Berlin Head Office
28 Aug 2020 (Fri), 18:00 h to 22:00 h
[AUSVERKAUFT-Sold out] Wirtschaftssommer Roof-Top Party
PanAm Lounge
BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG Berlin/Brandenburg
04 Sept 2020 (Fri), 18:00 h
[CANCELLED] Sommerfest der Int. Wirtschaftsvereinigungen
BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG Berlin/Brandenburg
07 Sept 2020 (Mon)
[CANCELLED] - 46. Golfturnier der BCCG
BCCG Golfing Society
BCCG North Rhine-Westphalia
07 Sept 2020 (Mon), 18:00 h / UTC +1 MEZ - Berlin
BCCG #PolitikTalk Series:
Im Gespräch mit MdEP David McAllister

BCCG Berlin Head Office
17 Sept 2020 (Thur), 16:30 h
7. Sommer-Empfang Berlin: Pandemie-Risiken: Muss sich der Immobilienmarkt neu erfinden?
BCCG Berlin Head Office
21 Sept 2020 (Mon)
[CANCELLED] 9. Energy Conference Hamburg
BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG Hamburg/Northern Germany
13 Oct 2020 (Tue), 13:30 h to 19:00 h
Europe’s top tech hubs – A new era for Scottish-German cooperation
Edinburgh EH8 9BT
Bayes Centre
BCCG Scotland and Northern England
16 Oct 2020 (Fri)
SHeconomy Lunch London
BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG Southern England and Midlands
05 Nov 2020 (Thur), 16:00 h to 20:30 h
15. Immobilienkonferenz, Berlin
BCCG Berlin Head Office
BCCG Berlin/Brandenburg

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"Johanssen + Kretschmer (JK) is a communications consultancy with around 40 employees in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg that has been focusing specifically on stakeholders and their perspectives since its foundation in 2001. Following Brexit, strategic business alliances are the order of the day. By becoming a member of BCCG, we want to enable even more companies to make the best possible use of their political and regulatory environment and build up resilient networks."

BCCG-TestimonialHeiko Kretschmer
Founder and Managing Partner
Johanssen + Kretschmer, Berlin

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