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NEW: BULLETIN ONLINE - Brexit – Special
Shortly before the end of the transition period, we will publish the BULLETIN ONLINE - Brexit Special. This publication will be e-mailed to more than 4,500 personal contacts and published on the BCCG website with currently about 4 million clicks p.a. Furthermore, it will be advertised through our various social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, XING).   

Members of the BCCG are welcome to place an advertisement as follows:
½ page  - EUR 500 + VAT
1 page*   - EUR 900 + VAT
Closing date: 10 November 2020
Publishing date: Dezember 2020

*Please note: By booking 1 page you have the benefit of publishing an additional article of 3,500-5,000 characters (with photos and graphics of your choice, if applicable) at no further cost.
For further details please contact our office by phone +49 30 206 70 80 or e-mail
BULLETIN 2020 Mediadaten

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BCCG BULLETIN 2020This annual publication was published in December 2019.

"It is my particular personal desire to support not only the BCCG (as a member of the regional NRW Committee), but also the BCCG Foundation as a member of the Board of Trustees in its efforts to foster a vivid exchange of German-British students. Despite a very close relationship between our countries, I believe that it is vital to continuously support younger generations in the multicultural exchange."

BCCG-TestimonialPeter Brock
Managing Partner
BeeWyzer GmbH, Berlin

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